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This is the drawn hypotetical mantis, in Na'vi fwäkì. I've been inspired by the mantis orchid.

Why did I draw it? Edit

Since there was no picture of mantis, I decided to draw one hypotetical. Because it co-evolved with the mantis orchid, it looks like the flower (maybe you don't see it, but I see it). I removed the stalk and added three eyes, two nostrils and one mouth.

What's a mantis?Edit

Following Avatar Wiki on Wikia, the mantis is a flying insect that has co-evolved with the mantis orchid. It can change color, camouflaging itself from predators, or to ambush smaller insects, reptiles or small mammals. It is not poisonous, but its size means that it can still inflict serious harm to Na'vi and humans. Its co-evolution has meant that it appears very similar to the mantis orchid, and its mouth is a perfect fit for the flower of the orchid.

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