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Drawn in real life

Na'vi totem

Drawn with program Paint.

For my first article, I would like to speak about totems.

Weyn ko! Let's draw!Edit

To represent Pandoran animals, I made two totems. I'm proud of them. They represent same animals, but have been drawn differently.

We just need to take pictures from internet and let's draw!

What are the animals and what are their meaning?Edit

From top to bottom:

The first animal, is an ikran (banshee). The second one is a syaksyuk (prolemuris), the third a toruk (Great Leonopteryx), the fourth is an atokirina' (woodsprite) and the last is an eltungawng (glow worm). 

The animals represent, first, the coulours of Pandora.

Only the atokirina', or woodsprite have a meaning, which is to make the totem more sacred.

First totem: Real-life totemEdit

Sheet of paper, pencils and erasers aren't out-of-date for drawing. I drew the most beautiful totem.

Second totem: Virtual totemEdit

I did wrongly this totem. It is a little bit beautiful, but you should know that a computer mouse is not a pencil.

It has been drawn by the program Paint.

Sunu ngar fìmerel! Enjoy these pictures!

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